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Sorry if this is a daft question, but I have no experience of setting up a wireless internet access. My dad is on NTL and he applied for broadband. A guy came round and, instead of doing the usual thing of fitting a broadband modem to the computer and a filter to the telephone socket, he fitted a modem direct to the cable in the living room behind the TV. The problem is the computer is upstairs. The guy said my dad should get a wireless router to connect to the computer. I'll probably get the job of sorting this out. Will it be straightforward? My main worry is how can you set up the router if it is not fitted to a computer at all, but direct to the NTL cable in another room? Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Ian M
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If you want something simple, consider a couple of these.

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this isnt that unusual - NTL claim to have over 1m broadband connections in the UK, and there are other cable providers in different areas.

The problem is

the router WAN port uses Ethernet to connect to the cable modem or set top box.

so you either need the router near the modem, or an Ethernet link between them (2 pair of UTP is the minimum), or something that can provide an Ethernet link - maybe a homeplug link across the mains wiring?

you need a router with an Ethernet WAN port, or one "suitable for cable broadband", or various other descriptions.

I'll probably get the job of sorting this out.

depends on whether you have cabling routes around the house.

My main worry is how can you set up the router

just about all the wireless routers support Ethernet connections to PCs etc as well as wireless, so you may have some choices.

dont configure the router from the PC using wireless - use an temp Ethernet connection.

if you need some further info try

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Complain to ntl - they should install the cable to the rquired part of the house; I have cable entry points in my house both up- and downstairs.

At present, the modem is downstairs - it used to be connected directly to the PC, but then I put a PC in upstairs for my kids, so added a WiFi router downstairs.

I now have downstairs: ntl cable > modem > Linksys WRT54G >wired> PC1 (downstairs) & >wireless> PC2 (upstairs)

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Thanks very much Stephen, Rob, and _spc_, for your replies. I have a much clearer idea of what is involved.

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