NTL and setting up VoIP (UK)

Hello all.

I am thinking of setting up VoIP on my NTL broadband internet connection, preferably to use without the computer being switched on all the time. I have just set up a Skype account, but obviously this cannot receive calls from land lines.

At present my NTL set up is:- Computer NIC card----------NTL 100 modem-----------NTL wall socket. The cable between the modem and wall socket has the screw in type connectors. I was thinking of getting a VoIP adapter, in order to use my existing dect phone for VoIP, but I am unsure of what else is involved. I have been told that I will probably need a router, is anyone using VoIP over NTL, and if so, could you give me a list of parts (and possibly makes of such parts) required to achieve it. I would consider a VoIP phone instead of the adapter, if this would make things simpler.


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