Linksys WPC54G still not working!

Linksys support told me to try reinstalling the software & adapter but now I get the following two errors: "Cannot find rpcltc.dll" and "The File 'FwRad16.bin' was not found"

My OS is Windows Me! Anyone know what I can do to try & fix this?

Thanks all!

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The missing .dll should be "rpcltc5.dll" (I forgot to put in the '5')

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Windows Me is a pig. Time to go to XP.

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Alan White

Seconded .....

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Jack Ouzzi

Google says that rpcltc5.dll is part of the DCOM package which comes with Windoze ME. It's in the c:\\windoze\\system\\ directory as: RPCLTC5 DLL 28,672 06-08-00 5:00p RPCLTC5.DLL

There are plenty of places on the internet to download missing files or you could learn to use the "extract" utility or you could just borrow it from another Win ME machine.

If the file is present (and not corrupted), then the error message is caused by a failure of the installation script. No clue how to fix that. Try downloading an updated driver for the WPC54G from the Linksys web pile and see if that works any better.

As for dumping ME and getting XP, I'm using WinME on this machine. No major problems. Yes, XP is more stable and better, but I'm not thrilled with the idea of sending more money to Microsoft. WinMe can be made to work with a few tweaks and tunes.

Incidentally, you can't do an in-place upgrade from WinME to Windoze

2000. Bummer.
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Jeff Liebermann

Thanks Jeff, as it turned out, the missing files were there but it's like you suggested, the installation script was looking for them in the wrong place! I did however, get the RPCLTC5.DLL off the Internet and replaced the existing file (renamed it rpcltc5OLD.dll) in case it was corrupted. I'm not getting any missing file errors anymore, but my wireless connection still isn't working!

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