Wireless-N - who's winning the wars?

I'm in the process of setting up a new wireless system for a small medical office, and am contemplating which wireless-N router to use. DLink and Linksys are immediately available, so they are at the top of my list. Which one to choose? thankx.

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I don't know. But in the past, Buffalo Tech has made routers that are more stable than DLink or Linksys. Check the reviews at Amazon.com, for example. I too am thinking about upgrading to Wireless-N. But I will wait for Buffalo Tech. In fact, I will wait for some user feedback to accumulate. The magazine and website reviews do not suffice. They never give sufficient weight to stability issues.

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David Arnstein

Be aware that the IEEE certification of the 802.11N specification is now scheduled to be completed in September 2008. That is _NOT_ a typo - it is 19 months from now. Any pre-N device your buy now may or may not interoperate with N devices from some other manufacturer. That said, the current version of the spec is probably close enough to adjust the differences in firmware, but with the deliberations secret, who knows.


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Larry Finger

On Thu, 15 Feb 2007 01:33:21 GMT, Larry Finger wrote in :

scheduled to be completed

device your buy now

said, the current

firmware, but with the

The problem is that 802.11n is just now at Draft 1.10, is expected to go to Draft 2.0 in order to address core issues in prior drafts, and is not expected to be adopted until mid-2007, with final approval hopefully before the end of 2007, although further delay is certainly possible.

I personally wouldn't buy any "draft N" product that isn't _guaranteed_ to be upgradable at _no_ cost to final N.

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John Navas

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