Estimating Wireless N Range

I frequently install wireless sytems and have pretty much learned what will work and what won't work regarding range performance with walls, etc. However, my experience is limited to 802.11b and 802.11g mainstream products on the market.

(I understand antennas and RF propagation pretty well).

I'm starting to experiment with N and would like to understand some things better:

- In an open field with no buildings, etc. should one expect an N router and computer to demonstrate greater range than a G router and computer? If so, why?

- In a closed situation with a few walls in between the router and the computer should one expect an N router and computer to demonstrate greater range than a G router and computer? If so, why?

- Or, are they really the same except for multipath handling with N which might then work better in a parking lot full of RVs?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to configure a pretty demanding situation right now with an N router. It is so marginal as to be useless with a G computer. I guess I should have expected that. It's no different than G-to-G in that case isn't it? So, I'm planning to add an N interface to the computer next.



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Fred Marshall
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Hi, N-G set up defeats the purpose of using N router then.

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Tony Hwang

No hard numbers, just personal experience.. Have two G wap/routers (one in sunroom upstairs and one downstairs in the finished area of the basement, linked by hardwire)... Got 5 bars on both multiple laptops and a PDA with the G... Bought the advertising lies and got an N, and now I get ONLY 3 bars and the signal from both (up and downstairs) drops off MUCH MUCH sooner than with the G (won't even cover my backyard anymore), also the signal strength for some strange reasons goes to zero every now and then (goes back up to

30% or so, then down to zero again).... I yanked the N and have it in my junk box..... Will never ever screw with that crappy N again..... Want to make money, or be known as a good guy and make something work?
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Peter Pan

the thing to remember is that the N specs are not final yet..and the equipment out today is basically beta stuff...why the mfr had to jump out with the stuff is beyond me...I have a N router and two wireless computers and i defiantly see a increase over my old G system..

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I guess "defiantly" because one other poster reports that the coverage gets worse with N?

I like that!

So far, no one has mentioned the environments in which N is better. I wonder about in an open field / line of sight with no nearby reflecting structures.

What is your environment like where N *is* better? Lots of walls, etc?


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