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I bought a new Belkin N wireless router, hooked it up, set up the security, it required 10 numbers in 5 fields of 2 numbers each for the authentification, I followed the directions and router seems to work great. I tried connecting my laptop to the router but the authentification number is 1 field of however many characters you want. No matter how I enter the 10 numbers it can not authenticate the network.

Any suggestions?

Routing example: NN|NN|NN|NN|NN Laptop example: ________________ Confirm ________________

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It sounds as though you're using 64 bit WEP encryption. Don't use WPA2 instead. WEP is insecure, easy to break and sometimes difficult to set up. Try WPA2-PSK using at least a 24 character phrase with mixed letters and numbers and upper and lower case.

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"Chuck" hath wroth:

Belkin makes 4 or 5 different "N" routers. Which one? Extra credit for the hardware version (on the serial number tag) and the firmware version.

OK, that's 64bit WEP encryption. Don't use that. WEP is not very secure and easily cracked. Use WPA or WPA2 encryption instead with a long pass phrase.

Argh. You've read the manual? That takes all the fun out of trial and error setups. You must have been desperate.

Well, it should work if you entered the string in Hexidecimal. Don't bother trying to make it work. Just use WPA or WPA2 encryption.

Incidentally, authentication is something else. Make sure you're using WPA-Personal or WPA-PSK (pre-shared key) and *NOT* WPA-Enterprise or WPA-RADIUS. My guess(tm) is that you have it setup to look for a RADIUS server, which is not used in your setup.

Only read the manual AFTER you get it working to see if you missed anything. If the product were any good, it wouldn't need a manual.

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Jeff Liebermann

It was actually worse than reading the manual:), I called tech support and got this Indian fellow that told me to use 64 bit wep encryption. After reading this group's response I went to WPA-PSK and re-entered my authentification code everything worked great.

Thanks you to everyone.


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