Draft N wireless router

As advertised

"simultaneously stream multimedia including HD video, make internet phone calls, play games and download wirelessly without taxing your network"

I have a Motorola Surfboard cable modem (SB4200), connected to a GIZMO (sunrocket) and using a Netgear Wireless router WGR614v5.

Currently I have voice loss, frequent drop outs of VOiP service, wireless connectivity loss ... overall poor QoS.

If I replaced the Netgear wireless router with a Draft-N wireless router would it improve or remove some of these problems? If I replace the wireless router with the Draft-N would there be a brand preference and why?

Would there be any advantage to changing the modem out for the latest and greatest and if so what brand?

I will also direct this ? to sunrocket and Netgear.

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William P.N. Smith

Lot's of quality information in those articles! Thanx.

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I had bad VOIP experience with NON-firewall Linksys router, as every a few days the router was hacked by hacker even though I installed firewall on every PC in my LAN.Beside my linksys is too old to support H.323 and SIP.

I happened to find sonicwall Tele3, and bought two used on ebay,one of them does not have power supply.after I upgrade them to fireware It works perfectly with VOIP(H.323 and SIP) and RTSP. and It has never been hacked since I powered up.

If you do not care about wireless,I think $25 for a working Tele3(5 nodes) will be a good deal.


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