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Can anybody help me with this problem: I have a Buffalo WYR-G54 Wireless router, connected to my Windows XP PC, which I use for wirelss access on my Dell Axim X50V.

All was fine until I decided to move the router, to improve reception one room.

The router used to sit by the pc, with a long cable connection to back to my cable modem, and a short cable connection to the pc. I have now moved the router to sit next to the cable modem, on a short connection, using the long connection back to the pc. Same cables - all checked out and proven to carry data (by direct connection to the cable router).

Now I can't access anything from the pc. I can get onto the internet and into the router config web page via the Dell Axim, but nothing on the pc. I have left all the settings in the TCP/IP as they were (automatic IP adress and DNS), but the pc cannot acquire an IP address. I have tried manually assigning an IP address (192.168.11.n) to the pc, and setting the IP address of the router as the default gateway ( In this config, the network connection is established, but the pc still cannot ping the router on the above address, let alone get out onto the network.


I vaguely remember this happening when I first set the router up, and after a few reboots of the pc and the router, it all came up. I have tried re-booting the pc, and resetting the router back to factory default settings, but no luck.

Any suggestions?



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I'm fairly sure you have a wiring or cable problem between the XP PC and the Buffalo router. Check the lights on the router and on the ethernet PC. Make sure they light up correctly when you plug and unplug the cable. Put the XP PC back to DHCP assigned IP address.

Another possibility is that you have the ethernet port on your XP PC disabled. Find the LAN connection icon on the Control Panel ->

Netowrk page (or in the system tray), right click and selected "enable".

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Jeff Liebermann

Have yo connected the modem back into the WAN.. or by mistake into a LAN... port on the router? D5tto the PC.

Modem > WAN port on router...LAN port on router > PC

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Thanks for that. I gave checked and double checked the cables, and all seems OK - connected as you describe. I've also tried all 4 LAN ports. I have also checked on the Router config page (via my pocket pc over the wireless link) that DHCP is switched on .

Could it be that I have a busted router??


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