Connection problem on wireless LAN

Hi there,

When starting up my desktop PC (Windows XP Pro) it takes up to a few minutes before my WIFI-card (Sweex Wireless LAN PCi Card 54 Mbps) sees my Gateway (LinkSys WAG54G Wireless-G ADSL Gateway which I use as a wireless router) as an available wireless network. In the Wireless Networks settings of my WIFI-card my network is the only entry in the list 'automatic' at 'Preferable networks' (Translated from a dutch system, I don't know the exact terminology on your system ;-) ). I use WPA-Pre Shared Key with TKIP coding and a preset key.

Every device has a fixed IP (which I'm not going to change after all the head-ache making it work... DHCP breaks the ADSL connection on the desktop PC)... There are no IP- conflicts, the Gateway is within a 50 cm range of the PC and when it connects it shows as a 100% connection, but only after a manual reset of the WIFI-card.

It's pretty weird because with both of my Laptops (with the exact same settings as the desktop PC) connect immediately after startup.

Looks like something's wrong with the startup-order of services/apps on the desktop PC that cause this problem. But I have no idea on how to see or solve this.

I hope you guys have a clue...

TIA Marco Marco

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