Accessing Modem Config Through Wireless Router

I've got a Buffalo Airstation WBR-G54 wireless router between my PC and my Scientific Atlanta cable modem, and I can't access the modem's configuration page because it is naturally at a private address which will not be routed by default. This doesn't clash with the wireless router's config page at, so I wondered if it was possible to route the modem's config page through the wireless router.

Can anybody with a Buffalo Airstation give me a clue here? Can it be done? For example, I've looked at the Buffalo Airstation's packet filter page, and I've entered a rule to accept IP address but that doesn't work.

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Dave Farrance
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Actually this shouldn't be a problem. I have always been able to access my CM's config page, which is exactly the same, through any of the routers I've tried (USR, 3Com, SMC, Actiontec).

It should "just work". Don't set up any special rules, just go into your browser and type in Do check that you haven't configured either IE or the router to do anything special for this addy, it isn't needed. Mark McIntyre

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