Wireless Desktop Card - Windows 98 Compatable

I can't seem to find a wireless desktop card that is compatable with windows 98 (not windows 98SE). Plenty of routers will work with Win98 but not the cards. Of course, I would prefer a "g" but would live with a "b".

Anyone know of a win 98 compatable wireless netwok card?


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I was able to get a TrendNet TEW-423PI to work with Win98 (not SE) by using the latest driver on their web site even though they say it will only work with 98SE and later. HTH

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Orinoco chips set . works with Linux

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You really need to at least upgrade the OS to 98SE or above. The sky's the limit with 98SE or above... anything below is questionable.

Wireless laptop cards with Orinoco chipsets will work with most laptops down to DOS and Win 3.1, but I'm not sure what they offer in wireless desktop cards.

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