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Hello, I would like some advise on what type of network card or usb device I should be looking for. Here is what I basically have I am connected to dsl with a zyxel 660 r elnk router/modem which right now is in bridge mode. I currently have a belkin f5d6231-4 802.11b wireless/wired router and have a simple lan setup with two computer a win98 desktop and tosiba satellite 2435-s255 laptop computer all hard wired to each other through the router and can talk to one another and can connect to the internet. What I would like is to have the laptop computer be able to connect to the internet via a wireless connection and be able to make a network connection just as if I was wired. For compatibility issues to make things easier I would like either a belkin wireless pcmcia card or a usb but from what I can see that most of the usb are not win98 compatiable they are mostly win98se compatiable. Oh I know that the speed of the wireless router is only a b and the cards and usb are g but right now the speed is not a issue I can always get a faster router later but the cards and the usb must be all backwards compatiable. Any advise would be appreciated.

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Don't think it is feasible.. The original (first edition) of Win98 didn't support USB at all, and many manufacturers did it their own way... When Win98SE came out with USB, some manufacturers had their nonstandard proprietary hardware talk to the device via other interim/converter chunks of software... Since they were all different/did different things, very few companies even bother with backwards compatibility to first edition, and just did se compatibility..

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Which one would you recommend a usb or pcmci card?

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USB Wi-Fi adapters are unreliable, better to go with a PCMCIA card that has an plug for an external antenna like an Orinoco Gold or silver if you need something that can be moved to get around obstructions or placed out a window.

If you can't find an Orinoco card at a PC store you can probably find one cheap at a Mac Store, Lots of used mac stores stock them because they work well with old Powerbooks.

Most versions of Linux have the drivers built in also.

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Some are; many are not.

Some of those are unreliable as well.

The type of interface has little or nothing to do with reliability.

Antenna cable causes signal loss. A USB adapter may be easily located properly by means of a USB cable with no signal loss.

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