Belkin F5D7230-4 as Access point?

Does anyone have this router successfully working as an access point? I can't seem to get through to Belkin on the phone.....ever, and I thought maybe someone would have some pointers for me.

I'm trying to use this access point with a Linksys WRT54G Wireless router. For the Belkin, I enter an IP address that does not conflict with the Linksys, and I also make sure that both devices are on the same channel. However, once I change the IP address of the Belkin, I can no longer administer it. I have to hard-reset it.

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Once you change the Belkin's IP address, you must also change your computer's IP configuration so that it's on the same subnet as the Belkin.

If the Belkin and Linksys are connected via Ethernet (a "roaming" setup), they should be set to different channels to avoid interference. If you're trying to get the Belkin and the Linksys to communicate with each other wirelessly, it can't be done, at least not with stock firmware.

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Neill Massello

The Linksys and Belkin are NOT connected via ethernet. This is not feasible in my house without a lot of work. The Linksys is my main router, and the Belkin specifically advertises both an "Access Point" and "Wireless Bridge" mode, although the manual doesn't give many details on how to set this up.

I keep reading about the DD-WRT firmware, but it doesn't appear to support my WRT54G"C"

Linksys: DHCP - ON (Range - Channel 1

Belkin: DHCP - OFF After a hard reset, I can get to this router from a WIRED client at its default address of However, once I change this to, I can no l> If the Belkin and Linksys are connected via Ethernet (a "roaming"
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What Belkin refers to as "bridging" is more commonly referred to as WDS (Wireless Distribution System), and it will only work with some other Belkin devices:

"A wireless bridge is actually a 'mode' in which your Wireless Router can directly connect to a secondary Wireless Access Point. Note that you can only bridge your 54g Wireless Router (Model F5D7230-4) to a Belkin

54g Wireless Access Point (model F5D7130). Bridging with other brands of Access Points is not supported at this time."

Consult the archives of this newsgroup for discussions on the thoroughly confusing use of the terms "bridge" and "bridging" by the wireless networking industry. One manufacturer's "bridge" can't always function the same way another's can.

Are you giving the wired client a manual address in the 192.168.0.x range? If the client is still configured to get its IP address via DHCP, disabling the Belkin's DHCP server will result in the client assigning itself a random address in the 169.x.x.x range.

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