Problems using Edimax WLAN 5-in-1 as a bridge

Hi experts,

I'm trying to bridge 2 wired LAN segments using 2 Edimax WLAN 5-in-1's and also trying to provide an AP, but strange things are happening ...

My network is setup as follows:

Linux PC Switch Edimax WLAN 5-in-1 in P2P mode

Ultra-10 Switch Edimax WLAN 5-in-1 in "repeater" mode i.e. AP + P2MP mode ASDL modem

From the PC I can ping both Edimax's but not the Ultra-10 nor ADSL modem

>From the Ultra-10 I can only ping the local Edimax (and ADSL modem of course).

Could it possibly be a routing problem? I thought the Edimax was supposed to be a transparent bridge.

Please help!


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other one in AP Client mode or Repeater mode depending on which works best (not sure how many devices you have on the switch. Or you can run both in PtP but have no wireless for clients. PtMP is usually for more than 2 networks but could be just the way edimax calls it on their config (aka AP + PTMP = Repeater???)

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Thanks, I clicked on the help within the config web manager and that describes "repeater mode" as what I think of as a repeater i.e. it only relays WLAN traffic on to an AP.

I've reconfigured that Edimax from "repeater" to "p2p", checked it worked, then reconfigured it as an AP. My 2 Edimax's are now acting as a wireless bridge between my 2 wired LAN segments with one of them serving as an AP.

Now I want to setup another PC with an Edimax USB WLAN adaptor, but I'm having difficulty finding an FAQ on how to install the Windows driver so it can be used by ndiswrapper. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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