Wireless bridge - possible in my case?

I've got a TEW-310APB access point/bridge unit which I try to setup as a
bridge in my LAN environment and a Asus wl-500g-deluxe as the other part of
my wireless world...
The situation is this:
I've placed my TEW-310ABP in one end of my house, connected to the LAN
interface of my firewall. And I now wonder how to setup my access point so
that it can bridge LAN traffic on to another access point I have - an Asus
My TrendNET is configured as a Wireless Bridge (in which mode I've supplied
it with the MAC address of my Asus thingy) - without network success.
Secondly I've tried the "Multiple Bridge"-mode of the TrendNET. Same result.
The Asus unit is setup to WDS mode and the MAC address of my TrendNET is
entered which should be all needed for the Asus to connect to it. I notice
that the wireless activity-LED indicators of both access points flickers
synchronously as if they really are connected - and this it while my PC's
wireless client card is disconnected so I'm that does not cause this
somewhat good indication of success...
Can you help me out on this?
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Is my problem that I need my TRENDnet to run in repeater mode? Which this model cannot...
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