Wireless and Downloads - explain this please ?

Glad to be here, I have a huge problem, which I´ve posted in several forums without a good explanation on what is going on, so I will now ask you:

I have a wireless router (ASUS WL-520g), which works fine, but there are some issues about download speeds that doesn´t seem logical to me. It was the same with another router I had, so it´s not that.

An example (there are many others websites like this):

  1. Imagine website 1 and website 2, both have the same large file (100MB) available for download.

  1. I connect my laptop using a cable and get about 415 KB/sec download speed, both for website 1 and website 2.

  2. I then connect my laptop using wireless, and now it becomes strange:

Website 1 gives me about 405 KB/sec (a little lower than cable, but perfectly understandable).


Website 2 gives me only about 76 KB/sec (why is the wireless so much slower?).

I don´t get it ? Any thoughts about this ? Please note, I only download

1 file at the time, clear my cache, and then re-connect.

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