Strange Wifi Problems, Please suggest...

Hey everyone,
I m sorry its a little long story.
I am a newbie, just bought DLink dl-624 Wireless router with 4 wired
ports.I have currently 4 systems. 2 Laptops one with Vista, one with XP
and two desktops both with XP.
I started by connecting my router with ADSL modem, and then to my
Desktop PC by a direct cable that came along with the router pack.
In the settings, i choosed PPPOE-Dynamic IP (I also tried with static
ip) But the browsing and messenger activities remain dead. Surprizingly
internetgateway icon is found connected under the network connections
I messed up with the setting and choosed Cable Modem instead of PPPOE
DSL, the things went better and internet starts working. I am having a
256kbps internet connection, that downloads at about 25KB/Sec. After
successfull setup i tested download speed several times. But it was only
Next i turned on my laptop, configured the WLAN setup and it connects
at 54Mbps. Internet speed was just the same i.e 4KB/Sec. But if i try to
share files from my desktop my laptop screen goes blank and system
crashes... :s
I tried it many time. Please note that all the ip addresses are
configured to automatic settings.
I dont know what to do. For the time being i am installing a fresh copy
of Windows on both systems to be sure that the OS is not corrupt. Please
suggest me more testing tips so that i can clean this mess up.
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