Alltel Wireless Internet Problem

I am using a Kyocera KPC650 data access card in my laptop. My connection info is 1xEVDO Digital Data and 1xRTT coverage.

For the last week my download speeds have been ranging from less than

1 KB/sec to 1.50-2.00 KB/sec . I previously been able to consistently get download at speeds of 15+ KB sec no matter what source I was downloading from. This is ridiculous! On a recent visit to Southwest Michigan I was able to download at 75 KB/sec--about five times faster than what I was getting before this recent problem.

I am in Northwest Michigan, Leelanau County, and am very dissatisfied with the Alltel service in my area. They keep saying it will get better but can't give me any sort of time frame and now it's much, much worse! I have more than a year on my contract and hate to think that this situation will not get better. It's costing me $60/month and I got better service with my dial-up connection at 1/3 the cost!

I also get frequent disconnects from Alltel and have to reconnect to a "Friendly Network" and almost immediately get disconnected from that. Even with an antenna attached to the Kyocera I only get signal strength of 60-77% but since the Internet connection problem started the connection % hasn't changed.

I called Alltel customer service and tried several things that didn't work. I've also emailed them several times without any response. How do I get in touch with these people to fix the problem. It appears to be a problem with the local tower that I access as going to a different location gets a better result. The local Alltel office never answers their phone.

Any ideas on what would cause this Internet slowdown?

I would like any suggestions on what to do about this.



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You politely tell the CS person that you want to speak to a technical person regarding your data service.

Document what you are seeing (dates, times, speeds etc) so you can present usable information.

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