aquiring network address...please help


I know you've written a lot about this problem already...I've tried a few things but it doesn't work... anyway... I've just bought a laptop and now I'm trying to connect it to internet. At home I have a PC that is connected by cable and in the other room is a second PC that is connected wireless. When I try to connect the laptop (3rd computer in the network) it all stucks with "aquiring network address"... :( I've tried to enter ip address manually and than I manage to connect but Internet Explorer doesn't find any page...

Please help me... I don't know much about this so I'm totaly confused

Thanks, bye

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Was the IP in the range of the wireless router? Does your laptop show that it connects to the wireless router? Is the laptop configured with the SSID of the router?? Is the DHCP settings in the wireless router set to allow the number of hosts you are using?

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