Wireless Adapter trouble on compaq F572

Built in Wireless Adapter doesn?t work.

I have an HP Compaq Presario F500 Series computer. (F572US). I bought the computer in Aug. of 2007. The Wireless adapter has a light on the front that always was blue before when it worked, but now is just orange all the time for the past several weeks. Others have had this same problem. I wrote to HP tech support and they gave me advice to upgrade the BIOS to the newest version, update the wireless adapter drivers and reseat the adapter in the slot it fits inside the computer. I did all 3 of those steps but to no avail.

I?ve updated BIOS to version F.1F

It is running Windows Vista Home Premium

The processor is an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor TK-53.

HP Wireless Assistant program doesn?t open ? if it did it?d help with troubleshooting and figuring out what to do.

WLAN doesn?t show up in Device Manager under the Networking section.

When I opened up the laptop to reseat the wireless adapter I see the Wireless adapter has a part number: 441080-001

What should I try now???

Thanks ahead of time for any advice as to what to try.

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Get it replaced under warranty - and be sure to mention that HP's helpdesk told you to reseat the card, in case anyone asks why the case was opened.

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Mark McIntyre

ukrduane hath wroth:

OK. The wireless is disabled. The problem is that there are too many places where the wireless can be enabled/disabled. Of course, they all affect each other. Go down this list and very every single one, even if you think it must obviously be correct:

  1. The slide switch.
  2. Control Panel -> Network -> Wireless adapter Right click on the wireles adapter icon and select "Enable"
  3. . I'm too lazy to lookup which one. There should be a wireless like icon on one of the function keys.
  4. Wireless icon in the System Tray area (lower right). There may be more than one wireless icon. Right click and select "Enable".
  5. The wireless card may be disabled in the system setup. Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager -> Wireless. Make sure there's no "X" or "?" next to the Wireless device.
  6. Some BIOS setups have a wireless (MiniPCI) card enable/disable. Make sure it's enabled.
  7. There's also a power management problem. Check the power management and make sure that it's not shutting down the MiniPCI card.

Use the blue light to tell when the card is enabled.

You can also create a weird situation if there's something plugged into the ethernet connector. Unplug and lets not complicate matters by having two interfaces running. If you do, the ethernet takes priority over the wireless.

Got BlueGoof or Firewire installed? If so, did you create a "Network bridge"? If you did (either intentionally or accidentally), look for the "Network Bridge" icon under: Control Panel -> Network and remove it. Right click and select delete. You neither need or want it.

Yep. What did the others do to solve their problem?

Amazing. They usually recommend that you reinstall the operating system or purchase premium support. Are you sure that you've updated to the latest drivers? I'm suspicious because you are apparently unable to properly identify your wireless card.

Ugh... Vista. Check for updates including the optional updates. That magically fixed a few wireless problems for me. The aformentioned checklist was for XP. I don't have a Vista machine to work out the equalent incantations. Do your best.

You don't really need the wireless assistant program. It just adds yet another icon to the system tray that pretends to conrol the wireless device. As you may have noticed, there are plenty of other programs and switches that are trying to do the same thing. However, the HP Wireless Assistant does have some marginal diagnostics.

If it doesn't run, uninstall it for now. It's one less complication and not really needed. However, its failure to start is indicative of some kind of Vista driver or system problem. If possible, you may want to use System Restore to roll back your configuration to when the wireless card last functioned.

Oops. That means that plug-n-play isn't finding the card. I've seen that a few times. Open the cover for the MiniPCI card on the bottom of the machine. Remove the card. Reinsert the card carefully, this time making sure it's properly seated. On boot, pop up the BIOS setup to see if the MiniPCI card is both enabled and recognized.

Nice try. That's the part number of the cover.

Ummm... switch to Linux or XP? If nothing else, either is 2-3 times faster than Vista for most things.

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