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I have a Compaq Presario 2100 notebook with built-in HP wireless. I have trouble getting it to lock onto a wireless router at home and the local coffee shop. I also have an older Pentium 233 generic notebook with a PCMCIA wireless adapter that works perfectly at home, so I know the wireless network works fine(using it right now). The onboard compaq wireless takes a long time to lock then drops off after a minute or two and won't reconnect. Has anyone had problems with this onboard wireless.

Thanks Tom

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I have a 2175US running xp pro sp1 and 512 megs RAM. It has connected in the past for only a short amount of time. I can sit next to my wife with my older P233 notebook with a Siemens PC Card wireless adapter and it works fine. My wife's either won't connect for around

5 minutes, then connects and drops after only a few minutes. The software that is used to run it appears to be built-into XP. My home router is a older 11mip Linksys router with no security (WEP) applied. I have been working on PCs for over 12 years and this one has me stumped. I have a feeling that there is either something wrong with the onboard wireless adapter or they don't really work that well. The driver for the wireless adapter is installed and I can't find any updates on the compaq website. Will keep looking though.


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