encore wireless-g usb adapter problem

I have Microsoft XP, service pack 2. AMD Athlom 64 Processor 3200+

2.01 GHz, 1GB or RAM. I have a WEP key with MAC filter. I have a wireless connection from a set up in my house. I bought two encore wireless G adapters for two desktop computers. One of them is ENUWI-G2 and the other one just G. With the G one I can leave it plugged in to my computer and when windows starts up it automatically conects but the G2 does not. I have to plug it in and out a couple of times before my computer recognizes it and connects to the internet. I have tried reinstalling the drivers but it did not help. The one that ends in G only does not give me any problems like this. Is this a faulty adapter or is there a setting that will allow G2 to be recognized automatically?

Thanks in advance.

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On 28 Mar 2007 22:20:54 -0700, "bombasos" wrote in :

WEP is easily cracked. If at all possible, use WPA instead.

MAC filter is too easily spoofed to be of any real value, and can cause problems. Get rid of it.

Probable hardware fault. Try a replacement.

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