wireless speed is slow !

Hello everyone, my name is monty. I have a compaq presario 2100 it has a mobile amd athlon xp 1800 1.5 ghz. i am running 756 mgb of ram. for wireless i have wpc54g wireless linksys card. i am not sure what settings are optimal. everytime it connects it starts at 54 then drops anywhere from 24 to 5.5 . i don't understand some of the settings on it. i tried the tools on the website but it says it running fine. i am at wits end with this thing. other poeple using it say it works good for them. please help someone. :mad:

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Wireless connection speed is /heavily/ affected by the local environment:

- number and type of any walls etc between laptop & router

- other 2.4GHz sources such as phones, microwaves, TV senders etc

- neighbours' wireless networks.

- interference from other electrical equipment

- orientation of antennae on router and laptop

and so forth.

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