Wireless difficulities with a Trendnet USB Adapter.

I am working on an OptiPlex GX260 and have the basic system software installed. The network will be wireless and not wired. Hotspots and AP's are present externally. This person has a Trendnet USB Adapter, which is installed correctly. Active signal, receive and send is also active, and the network connection says it's connected. I tried to connect to the net via a web browser and cannot.

I receive this message "Unable to Connect". My web browser cannot connect to the browser's server.. I figured, a windows process was either stopped or running incorrectly. I went into "msconfig" and "services", and checked numerous processes but to no prevail. Of course, the basic networking troubleshooting(s): Renew/Release,etc I tried.

But I realize, this isn't that form of problem. Could a modem and router "powercycle" be ideal? They are not mine, but I can get to them.

So please no questions on router configuration. I haven't did it yet given the network is active on all PCs, but two of these type of dell's are offline and I cannot find a valid solution of trouble shoot.

I'm not sure if a lan (have one disabled of course), chip, bios, etc driver should connect with the wireless for a fix. The PC is running XP Professional. Any advice is appreciated folks.

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