Wireless Card Issues

Hello All,

I have read many forums online and have not seen any possible solutions to my problems.

I am running Windows XP Home on a laptop. My wireless card turns on when my computer boots up and I can even see available wireless networks. However, before the logon process completes, the wireless card dies. The laptop is an HP. It has a LED that shines when the wireless card is on, so you can visually watch the logon process I just described. There are also Window's "bubble" comments that pop up to tell me my wireless card is "off." If you press the wireless button on the laptop, the Window's bubble comment switches between "disabled" and "off," whereas when it worked it would switch between "disabled" and "enabled" ("enabled" or "on"--can't remember).

Anyway, I have tried the following:

-uninstall/reinstall wireless driver (downloaded new driver for card).

-updated BIOS (don't know how that would help, but it was suggested by HP assistant...?)

-turned off ZoneAlarm to see if my card was somehow being blocked. But I guess that wouldn't really help because it is not being blocked, it is being turned off.

As I mentioned, I spoke to an HP assistant and she said that if the first two above did not work, I would have to run an xp restore. I was pretty sure they wouldn't work because I had already tried to uninstall/reinstall the wireless driver, and I wasn't sure how updating the BIOS would affect the wireless card. Anyway, running restore sounds like overkill to me?

It almost seems like there is some process that is killing the wireless card, but I am not really sure how to turn on/off processes, or how to do it safely, to see what program might be killing the card. I just thought of running the computer in safe mode to see if the wireless card would stay on, but I wouldn't know what to do after that.

Any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, bjf

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