I deleted my wireless internet connection

Doing some routine maintanance I removed my wireless internet connection. Computer is Compaq Presario V6000 Laptop The connection I removed is the built in wireless connection. I can connect with a USB adapter on a different connection. If I go to Control Panel - Network and Internet Connections, in that window it has HP Wireless Assistant, this icon does not respond! No reaction to being clicked. Also; My network wizard found disconnected network hardware. My Local Area Connection is disconnected-- NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller How do I reconnect it? Thanks for you help. Mike

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If your network wizard found disconnected network hardware, it should also have a button to attempt to connect this hardware. If that is not the case, try and find the hardware in the Device Manager and enable it from there.

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Bogey Man

Windoze uses a registry entry to assign the MAC address on bootup. You can change it by manually editing the registry, or using one of several utilities. However, the computah will continue to use the old MAC address until it's rebooted. You can sometimes just stop and restart the device driver to do this, but I've found that rebooting is often required:

Incidentally, I've had problems with customers Compaq V6000 machines and had to use HP's extended warranty to get them fixed. You might find this useful:

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