Wifi Connection problems - Eten M700

I'm a newbie and a non-techie and so this may not be the correct place
for my search for help.
I have an Eten M700 (Mobile 5) and have problems connecting to a WiFi
network. I can connect once and then access the Internet via IE but if
the connection drops I can't get a subsequent wireless connection. It
says it is connected but when I click IE nothing happens.
The only 'fix' is a clean reboot of the M700. My next connection to
the WiFi is then speedy and I can access teh Internet.
I have looked everywhere for a solution (including Eten!), and I have
seen similar questions raised, but so far no potential answers.
Can anybody help? I'm getting a bit desperate because I can't load
anything else on the M700 because of the need to clean reboot.
Thanks very much,
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On Thu, 14 Jun 2007 10:26:00 -0400, BarryF wrote in :
Does this happen with all Wi-Fi access points, or just a particular one? What does "connection drops" mean? Why does it "drop"? What are the _exact_ symptoms?
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John Navas

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