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Have a desktop at the office. Connected a Netgear adapter and got it to work. However, what I learned is that the connection is only active when somebody is logged on.

I understand this to some extent. Obviously, you don't want your desktop randonly connecting to wireless routers without some user say or notice.

We normally connect to this desktop using remote desktop.

Is there a way to get the desktop to permanently connect to the wifi router even when nobody is logged on?

TIA, Greg

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well - how did you connect to it via Remote Desktop before ?

I would guess you had a static IP assigned to it, and there were no console/keyboard user logged in, but it offered an IP connection for you ?

Which WiFi adapter is now installed ? static IP assigned ? How do you know it is not "connected" without a keyboard login ?

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Not having a clear idea of your situation, I'd suggest that for whatever state of the client is of interest to you, you access router config from another pc, and see what machines are connected. (Think direct ethernet connection to switched port.)

You may have to dig a bit to identify machines by IP.

Then logon/logoff/whatever and list connections.


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John Barry

Probably not. What OS are you running? If Windows XP this is a known problem. You could do this with XP with a wired connection. See

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for what can be done in that case.

That might work in Vista which has some changes affecting wireless. (It enables connectivity before any user logon to permit Domain authentication. I'm not sure if such a connection remains enabled continuously though.)

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