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I have wireless network connection problems. Both my desktop and laptop are wireless. I have a DSL modem/router from Verizon, not sure of the make. I am using WEP for security.

Every time the laptop (running Vista) goes to sleep, it loses the internet connection. It can see the network and says it is connected to the network but there is no internet connection. You have to open a browser and wait for it to load, then hit refresh and on the 2nd or 3rd try it will connect to the internet.

The desktop loses internet connectivity every time it reboots. Usually the only way to get it back is to reboot the modem by unplugging it and plugging it back in.

What could be the problem here? Does Windows firewall interfere with this stuff? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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amanfan hath wroth:

Does it have a serial number label? Does it have an FCC ID number? If so, what's the FCC number? I can look it up for you on the FCC ID web pile.

WEP is very insecure. It can be cracked in seconds. I suggest you switch to WPA-PSK (WPA-personal) instead, with a long and cryptic pass phrase.

Yes, that's normal. When your unspecified model wireless card, in your unspecified model laptop, goes to sleep, it turns off anything that might be drawing power. That includes the wireless card. Some cards have settings that allow you to leave the power enabled. Go to the Vista control panel, find the wireless card, select "properties", and see if there's such a settings. It will be something like "allow Windoze to control power to this device" or something similar.

There's quite a bit of negotiation required to initiate a connection. There's also substantial variations in how quickly your unspecified model wireless access point retains the connection information. It usually takes LONGER to renew a lost connection because the wireless access point and client radios have to first figure out that they have actually lost the connection, and then restart the negotiation cerimony from scratch. It would possibly be faster if there were some way to "disconnect on standby". Anyway, it varies with manufacturer, product, and firmware version. Some never disconnect, some recover quickly, some (like yours) take their time, and some require a reboot to recover.

Now, that's NOT normal. Check the firmware version on your router to see if you have the latest. Check the driver version of your wireless card to make sure it's the latest.

No. The Windoze firewall is not involved.

You might want to have an accomplis drag their laptop to your location and try the same exercise. If the router does the same thing, then it's a wireless router problem. If it's only the Vista laptop, then it's probably something wrong there. Without details, I can't offer any specific suggestions.

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