lose connection every few hours?

i have set up my home wireless network consisting of the following:

3 laptops (2 x xp pro, 1 x linux) and 2 pcs (1 x xp pro and 1 x linux) both pcs are wired via etherenet every day 3 or 4 times a day even i lose the connection and have to reboot the router? then its fine maybe for rest of the day but most of the time i need to reboot 3 or 4 times a day any help appreeciated guys would getting a better antenna solve this?:(

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are you saying the router loses connection to the server or your comp lose connection to the router.

if the router to server, talk with your isp. Could be cable or exchange problems.

if the comps to router, try another channel.

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Depends what wap/router you have... At my old house I had a wrt54g and several times a day I would have to reboot, finally got a lamp timer ($3 at ace, cheap temp fix) and 4 times a day it dropped and restored power.. At my new place, I have a pre-n wap/router (linksys wrt300n) and it doesnt loose connection... don't know if it because of a different location/better power/etc, but have noticed that when the power flickers from storms, clocks will flash 12:00 but the wap/router picks right up and goes on, so I'm assuming it handles power gliches/dirty power? better....

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