Share WiFi Connection ?

Hi All,

My housing area using WiFi Internet Provider for the residents to access to the Internet. After get authenticated thru the ssl then we're be able to access to Internet.

At home, I got 2 PCs and 2 notebooks. FYI, my WiFi Internet Provider not allow more that 1 session to sign to surf. So I would like to get assistance from u all how can I share my WiFi connection, so that every PCs & notebooks be able to access internet. What device I shld use to link to WiFi network with single sign on and share the connection.

Pls advise. Thank you.

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afuadb hath wroth:

What you probably could use is a "travel router". Some of these (not all) are designed to connect to a network via wireless, and distribute the single IP address to multiple computers via NAT.

I know the WTR54GS will work (because I sorta have one), but all of the other travel routers I found will NOT.


(only one client)

(probably won't work but I can't tell from the rotten description)

(won't work)

(dialup only)

You'll also need a small 4 port ethernet switch as most of these only have a single ethernet port on the travel router.

Another way to do this is with a client radio (wireless ethernet bridge) and any olde ethernet or wireless router. For a list of possible bridge candidates, see the FAQ at:

Literally any router with NAT will work for the router part.

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Jeff Liebermann

Is this a ppoe or ppoa connection? If it is it might just needing to get a router. you can set up the router to do the authentication.


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