Connected to the wifi network, but cannot go to the internet

I have a desktop connected to the wifi router directly, which in turn
connects to the DSL modem. I always can launch IE or FF, and I can
get to the internet with no problem. On my wifi laptop, I can do this
maybe 70-80 percent of the time. On some occasions, I would pick up my
laptop, let it wake up and see that the wifi connection is
(re-)activated, and see the systray message that says you're now
connected. But, when I launch IE or FF, I am not able to connect to
the internet. Sometimes I can do a "repair" sequence which
disconnect, reconnect, acquire address, flushing cache and dns, and
all is fine. At another time, the only way to get my internet
connection back is by reboot the laptop. What is going on here?
Note that DSL modem and router must be ok as I can access the internet
from the desktop when this happened.
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I have had it where if Windows controls the wireless it fails like this, but the manufacture of the NIC sometimes has utilities that work better (Cisco or others.) Maybe your NIC manufacturer has alternate software to control everything.
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Are these browsers set to "automatically detect settings"?
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On 9 Mar 2007 11:58:41 -0800, "cmdrdata" wrote in :
I'm guessing weak signal and/or interference. See wikis below.
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John Navas
Yes. Shouldn't I?
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John, I have excellent connection, five bars. I can waked into the same room where the router is, within 3 feet, and I get the same problem when this condition happened. Remember that reboot somehow restore whatever is preventing me from accessing the internet. Printing to networked printer still worked. So connectivity to my network is not the issue.
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