netgear WGR614v6 won't see/use connection

Hi I'm new here. I've done some searching the following thread brought me here but didn't solve my problem.

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I tried many things but can't get this netgear router to see my dsl connection thru a westell 6100 modem. I've tried both username & password login and not. I've tried setting the westell to bridge mode-in fact every option in vc configuration that was available. BTW in bridge mode the modem didn't seem to find an internet connection itself-although proxy bridge did have the internet light come on-but it wasn't a usable connection. I have a connection-using it now thru ethernet cable. When I connect the modem to the router sometimes both router and modem seem to be communicating (lights flash) but I can't connect at all. ( I have tried using a known good ethernet cable from the router to the computer in other words not wifi-no go ) I've also tried spoofing the MAC address-no cigar there either. Is there some clear and understandable way to get the router to work or are these netgear routers garbage as some searches have implied? Thanks in advance for any help/ideas.

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