Suggestions req. in Wireless project..

Hi frenzs...

Presently I am working on wireless project which uses Access point, laptos & mobile phones...

in this I am facing one problem that some time i am getting " No comm" or laptos & mobile phone getting hange ...

What will be the problem plz suggest....

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On 6 Dec 2006 07:54:22 -0800, "pra" wrote in :

Start by updating the dictionary in your spelling checker -- it's hard to understand what you're trying to say.

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John Navas

Sorry John,

Let me explain the problemonce again.

See I am working on WLAN project in that we r providing Access point & in client side they r using Laptops...

We had implemented the setup it is working but some time Loptops r not getting proper range in same area, or the issues related to Laptop use only...

So I want to know as per you what will be the basic requirement of Laptop to support the WLAN, eg. service pack, any drives etc.

so plz give ur suggestions....

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Onces again giving explaination of problem..

Client laptops exp. signal dropouts/disconnections even whilestanding in front of AP. Laptop r running a combination of XP SP1 & Sp2, mixture of dell machine.

aslo once problem found for Toshiba laptop with external WLAN card. all this facing problem in Line of sight of AP.

AP : omnidir antenna

Laptop:Win Xp SP1&2

plz give suggestions.

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On 6 Dec 2006 22:24:27 -0800, "prashant" wrote in :

Sorry, but I'm having way too much trouble understanding. Perhaps someone else will be better able to help.

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