routers with no ext antenna

I'm looking at buying a Netgear WNR8542 RangeMax Next Router to replace an old Edimax.

My Edimax has an external antenna which I replaced with a better one.

How do the latest Rangemax routers and similar types with no external antennas have such improved range/coverage?



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I dumped my SC101 several months ago - despite firmware updates it's still too slow.

My systems are XP Pro SP2 (fully patched with latest updates)

The SC101 is great value, but for anything other than small file it's usless.


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"Clive" hath wroth:

I think you mean a WNR854T.

Here's how beam forming works:

You can also request a white paper on how it works:

or watch the video clip. The antenna is an internal circuit board with about 7 directional antennas. The processor phases these antennas so that it generates peaks in the desired direction, and nulls in the direction of interference. It does NOT work standing up as Netgear has it pictured in all their advertising.

Here's how the various MIMO router compare:

(15 pages). The WNR854T is too new to appear in this review.

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