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hi all, I am a senior undergraduate in Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. As a part of our course structure, I have to do a Final year project in the last two semesters. I have planned to do my B.Tech Project in the field of Voice over IP (VoIP) and most probably related to IMS networks. But i am unable to think of a nice project that has some value in today's IT industry or which may come out to be a very good research project. So, I will be very thankful to you if you can help me in this regard or else if i could be a part of any on going project in some company/university.



-- Vindhyavasini Tripathi Senior Undergraduate Bachelor of Technology Electronics and Communication Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee Uttaranchal India

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How about setting up a VOIP System like Asterisk? Try this link for more info on how I set it up.

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Its pretty painless and as long as you have 2 pc's you will be good to go. Good Luck

v> hi all,

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thanks a lot for your suggestions...i had also thought about writing proxy servers for connecting phones but right now i m thinking of something which could be a bit different from what have already been done, if u have any different/new idea about these systems then plz do tell me....

Though in my case i m supposed to work on a project which is more related with communication rather than Computer Science.....one idea i have got that if try to make a video SIP phone then there i have to think of video codecs that will be a bit of communication part, but i didn't like this idea much as there r many softphones already in the market....can you/anyone plz suggest me in this area that how can i think of making a new VideoPhone which will be a bit better from earlier ones. even for that i have thought of using a new video codec which will be a combination of H261 and DCT (cosine tran.), but i am not much sure about it that whether i will be able to come up with a new codec or not.....one more thing i want to ask that, is it possible for two B.Tech. final year students to make there own VideoPhone in 8 months or it requires a big team for making new phones....

thanks in advance....

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"vindhyavasini" said to all and sundry:

One thing that the videophone market presently has a terrible time with is NAT. H.323 doesn't handle it well. H.460 is a working standard but at present there is only a handfull of players in that market, and none with PC clients that I am aware. If you could make an H.460 client that would be a step forward. If you could make a decent SIP client that would be even better. Make one that can negotiate for SIP, then h.460 then h.323 and you'd have something.

Don't worry about the codec. Stick with the standards if you want this project to produce something people can use. You can always plug a new codec into it later.

That depends upon if it's an exercise or pre-production. An exercise should be do-able. You're not wasting time on the user interface and squashing all the bugs, you're just making a working product in a specific operating system. For a pre- production project, expect it to take a team 15 to go from prototype to final production-ready model for release.

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