how to get wireless access point


I want to know how can I get my wireless access point location that

means where my pc or laptop is presently accessing the internet.Also in

my project I need how to get other access points near my system. for

this I need an API or anything else.Bcos in my system one desktop

application is present for which can be downloaded by other users also

through net. Reply ASAP.

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jiten dash
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f/f george

You want the physical location of the AP you are connected to? You'd have to do some local wardriving with a GPS and plot out signal strengths on a map, or do some fox-hunting with a directional antenna.

Us the wireless configurator built into windows to look for APs, or Netstumbler...

I don't understand this, you have an app on your desktop that you _want_ other people to download? Set up a WWWeb or FTP server on the DMZ of your router...

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