Newbie in Telecom : Difficulty in choosing project : Help


I am a novoice in the Telecom domain. I have two options to choose the project in my company on GSM (Training will be given). I have some basic understanding of GSM. Like there is a Mobile Stataion, BSS and NSS.

Options given : Working on MS or BSS Which one should I take up looking at a long term career perspective? Do I get the core telecom and protocol knowledge if I work on BSS or NSS ?

How do you rate working on either MS or BSS given a scale of 10? ( 1 being least... 10 being highest)

Pls help me....

Thanks Sandy

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Working on the mobile side will expose you to most layers of the GSM stack.

BSS or NSS will give you less protocol experience but will provide insights into design and development of system handling thousands of entities (mobiles.)


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