Speedstream Wireless modem/router, facing connectivity problems


I have a DSL connection with a Siemens Speedstream modem that has a wireless router too. I hope I'm using the correct language since I'm a novice when it comes to technology.

Anyway my problem is that the connection keeps breaking randomely and then reconnects automatically after a while. I have spoken to people at the provider and the modem support people who just keep asking me to reset the connection and configure it all over again. I done it many times as directed but the problem still remains. Now there are three important things to note:

  1. I've tried a direct cable connection from the router to my laptop Lan Card and the connection works fine and there is no breakage. Problem is only when i use the wireless.

  1. I've changed the modem with a similar modem and the problem persists,

  2. I've also tried using my wifes laptop just incase there is something wrong with my laptop wireless adaptor. The problem persists with her laptop to which is a dell. Mine is LG.

Im totally bamboozled by the problem. Please anybody.. HELP....:eek:



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