Getting Speedstream 2624 Wireless Router to work?

I had an older Siemens Speedstream 2624 Wireless Router that I no longer need and gave it to a friend. He plugged it into the electric outlet and then connected it from its WAN port to his ComCast cable modem. He then connected his desktop computer to to one of the three available ports on the wireless router. He fired up his wireless- equipped Thinkpad and found and connected to the Speedstream. But when he sought to surf to web sites he invariable got the "Server Not Found" message. He gets the same message when he tries to surf using his desktop.

Could it be that he is unable to surf anywhere because he did not configure the router using the configuration CD that came with the router (it cannot be found). But the router worked fine at my house. Does the router care which cable system modem it's connected to?

What can he do to make this wireless router work for him? Has he failed to do something that needs to be done?


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  • That modem is way out of date. It had several security vulnerabilities. I tried for awhile to find an owners manual for it and had no luck. My vote for the .00 to .00 you have to pay to get rid of it, it would be worth it. It will no longer be a supported product by Siemens no doubt.

You could check and see if you are getting an IP Address assignment by DHCP to the connected computer(s). You need to be able to go to a configuration web page or use configuration software to check and change the settings on it. It should not care what cable modem it plugs into, they all pretty much do DHCP to the first thing connected to them. Typically on cable you only get 1 IP Address anyway, unless you made (and typically paid more for) additional IP space from the cable company. You don't want to put every computer on your local LAN on public IP space anyway. So I'd get another router.


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Alan Spicer

Thank you Alan. I think you're right about spending a little cash to get and uptodate and supported router. I think thgat's what I'll do. I'm curious to know if I did a ipcong /release and then an ipconfig / renew might that do the trick?

Thanks again.

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