Ethernet Intermittent Connectivity Problems

Hi Everyone,

I have a T40p Thinkpad with a Intel® PRO/1000 MT adapter installed in the laptop, and the last week I started having problems while I'm connecting to LAN networks at work. I am running WinXP. The ethernet ports are ok and no one else is having problems except me. When connecting via ethernet (DHCP server), I get connectivity for 3-5 min; off for a 1-2 min, then back on. During that time I lose connectivitiy, my mouse/screen freezes temporarily for a couple seconds and then continues as normal once connection is established again. I opened a command prompt and issued a ping process for about 5 minutes. I noticed that each time my mouse/screen would freeze up, it happened when the ping would fail to the server and I would receive a 'Request Timeout'.

I'm not sure what is causing this problem. Perhaps it is a some service or software interfering with my ability to establish connection? I have never encountered anything like this and no one else knows how to go about solving the problem. I now use my integrated wireless adapter (limited places on site) to avoid having my PC freeze up on occassion as mentioned above. The wireless seems to work fine which leads me to believe the ethernet adapter is the one causing issues or other software interfering with the driver, etc.

If anyone could offer suggestions or experienced similar problems, pls. let me know. Thanks in advance.

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