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I wish to set up a wireless network to share my BT broadband at home with 2 PC's. The PC with broadband at the moment has a speedtouch USB modem with BT broadband. It must be a wireless system I have, what is the minimum equipment I can get away with, not a heavy user so can I go for the B stuff or should I go for G or super G, do I need a modem router or can I connect a router to my present modem?

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Depends if you want bothe PC's to connect to the internet independently or not. If you are happy to leave the one with the internet connection switched on, you can get away with just a wireless adaptor for each set ip in Ad hoc mode but it can be headache to set up. Best to get an access point and wireless card and use infrastructure which is easier to set up and more stable.

If you don't want to leave one switched on, you will need to buy a router with a modem either built in or a separate ethernet one. Your USB modem will not connect to most routers. You can either connect by cable to one PC and wireless to the other or wireless to both PC's.

If you have an old PC laying around (P90 or above), you could install something like Smoothwall to conect to a wireless access point and then connect to the other two PC's using wireless adaptors ( I use Smoothwall but it is not easy to set up with a speedtouch modem but once it is setup, it is rock solid)


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Mark, What a good question that you have here: B or G or Others? Well, before all, what is important is to find hardware which works fine in your house/office configuration. For instance, I equipped my house with a Linksys B router with a signal booster which sucked. Later, I switched to a pre-N Belkin which rocks. So, the point is that whatever speed your ISP (BT in this case) allows, you have to be sure that you have a good signal between your router and your PCs at the most common places. Now, assuming that your ISP will provide a 1 to 8 Mgbits download (and much less upload), a 11Mgbits B system should be enough if you just browse the Net. BUT, if you envision sharing files between PCs for let say share multimedia items (MP3, AVI, etc.), you should better go to G and even Super G (108Mbps). So in conclusion, you need to figure out what you are planning to do with this material and what the future will allow (ISP will certainly increase speed above 11Mgbits within 2 years). B equipment is getting very cheap while G is becoming really affordable. Hope it helps, YD

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