WAP54G problems: connectivity & stability

Good news. After poking around a bit, i have finally made some progress.

Yesterday, i had absolutely no problems connecting to the WAP. I have

even been able to implement WPA AES encryption...nice....

What i did / my findings:

- hardboot the WAP (power on/power off) after config changes


UTILITY !!! I think both programs (XP Wireless and Linksys programs)

caused interoperability problems.

So uninstall everything, then i manually removed the following files

\\winnt\\inf\\oem4.inf (driver definition) and \\winnt\\drivers\\bcml5.sys

(or something like that, actual driver)

Insert the card again, you should get the 'new hardware found'

wizard and point the wizard specifically to the downloaded unpacked

Linksys drivers. This will install the drivers, but not the s****d

Linksys Utility. Reboot.

And after that, no problems found connecting to the WAP.

It could be however, that the interference causing my previous

problems, was not present yesterday during my testing....lets see how

it goes the following days....

PS. If you have an Access Point with SSID broadcast DISABLED, is there

a way to detect these signals ? How can i see that channel 1 is clear

if i have APs that use channel 1 but with SSID broadcast disbaled ??

Will NetStumbler see this AP ?


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Geert Nijs
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When something is communicating with that AP it is possible to detect the AP's presence. Of course, if an AP is sitting on a channel and nothing is talking to it, then it's not going to be interfering with your gear talking to your AP on the same or an overlapping channel.

Use a sniffer that looks for other traffic besides 802.11 beacon frames.

I don't believe so, but something like kismet will.

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Nick Christenson

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