Siemens Speedstream 4100 problems

I have a Siemens Speedstream 4100 modem (ethernet connection) connected to a wireliess linksys router G2.4 broadcom. Very randomly the connection to the internet breaks off without any trigger. Sometimes if inactive for a while but it can be in a middle of a session also. When the connection breaks I have tried to disconnect the wireliess router and connect direct to the modem but still cannot revive the connection. Every time I have even swithced off computer & modem but to no avail. There is a little reset pin behind and even using that doesnt seem to help. The connection comes back after a while sometimes by repairing, sometmes just swithching off and trying after a couple of hours. The ISP technical support thinks it may be a modem problem, the modem supplier says it will cost a few hundred dollars to buy a new modem. The LINKSYS router seems to be fine and not contributing to the problem

We have a HP Windows XP desktop and Compaq XP/ Dell XP laptops which we use to connect and a firewall with zonealarm security suite. rao

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Padma Rao
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