SMC 7004abr loses ME102

Hi all, My LAN will work fine for weeks on end, then suddenly the AP vanishes. I.e, wireless doesn't work (although signal is 100%) and AP manager cannot find it. If I reset the router (via web interface or reset button) everything is fine again for maybe the rest of the session or only an hour or so. After a week or so of resets it all may work fine again for weeks. Any help much appreciated.

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Fred Flintstone
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Is this with Windows XP? My SMC7004WFW has been working fine for months. Then I upgraded my laptop to WinXP from Win2000. The Orinoco Silver is configured for QoS by default, and I wonder if that causes trouble for the SMC router.

A couple of weeks ago, I had my daughter's computer here, running WinXP with a DLink DWl-122 mini-USB. I uninstalled the recent WindowsUpdate for the DLink and reinstalled the DLink-supplied drivers in order to eliminate the problem with the DLink. With WinXP and the DLink, the Dlink would stop working, and my Orinoco-win2000 would stop working. I had to reset the router to get going again. The wired connections still worked. The signal strength was "excellent".

My setup works fine against other APs, and I can't decide if it's WinXP-QoS, or if it's a coincidence, and my two year old SMC is tired. This morning, I disabled the QoS service in the service panel, Set the reserved portion to 0 in the group policies, and uninstalled the QoS from my Orinoco network properties. The Earthlink page suggests reducing the bandwidth to zero, says nothing about the service panel, and says to enable the NIC (which I didn't do). suggests just removing it from the NIC:

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I have 2 laptops running XP but I still had the problem when one was running 98. Yep, wired connections are always fine. Very annoying, cheers for your input.

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