I disabled wireless on my router. How do I enable??

While trying to troubleshoot some router problems, I disabled wireless for my linksys router through the basic setup at Under the Wireless options, there's a radio button for enable and disable. I clicked disable, saved the settings, and now I can't connect to the router through the IP address listed above. I tried resetting the router and still can't connect.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can enable the router again?

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you locked your keys in your car...

First - what model Linksys router ? A hard reset should bring you back to Factory Defaults. What IP address range is the default & is DHCP defaulted on the router ?

I'm guessing you are still attempting to connect via WiFi ? Is the router default to enable WiFi ?

Does your computer have an Ethernet port ? Can you connect to the router via an Ethernet cable ?

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Nope. No clue since you didn't bother to supply the maker and model number. Go to the manufacturers web pile and read the reset procedure. Some require holding down the reset button for an extended period before they actually rest the router. Others don't really offer a reset and will clear the flash ram when the reset button is held down. Some have to be reset within the first few seconds of applying power, or nothing happens. Linksys is especially tricky, but the procedure varies with model number. In general, if you held it down for 30 seconds or more, it should properly reset. Meanwhile, try plugging your computah's ethernet port into one of the LAN ports and see if you can reset it from the web based admin menu. Also, you might want to remember or scribble onto paper what you're doing so that you later undo the damage.

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Jeff Liebermann

Uh, I'm guessing you are running wireless? If you are and you turned the radio off how would you expect to be able to connect to it? Can you use an ethernet patch cable to connect to one one of the LAN ports to your PC/Laptop? Try that and get back with us.


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