cannot ping my Linksys WAP11


I seem to be having rather weird problem -- I had my WAP11 work fine for months and months, and then it stopped working. I cannot even ping it any more ( Did a hardware reset, but to no avail. Talked to Linksys support and they declared it to be a hardware fault. So they sent me in a replacement. The replacement worked fine for a week, and then the EXACT SAME symptoms showed up again: cannot ping it any more. Hardware reset doesn't seem to be helping either. Can't see any problem with the ethernet wiring either. Anyone seen such anomaly? Hard to believe that I am having the same hardware problem with a replacement unit as well...sigh!


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Do you have the thing plugged into a surge suppressor? It could be that power spikes are killing the unit.

Also, I'm assuming you changed the default password and such and are using WEP. If your running all default settings, its very possible and quite likely that someone has hijacked your device.

- Art

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Hmmm...never thought about power spikes but that does sound like a plausible explanation.

Thanks, Tony

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I've ben having interesting temperature problems with the WAP11B and WAP54G. Each would lose ethernet connectivity (no response to a ping). To test the idea, I filled a plastic bag with ice, then put the WAP on top of it. Cycled power on and off and the system kept working until the ice melted. I've now got a small muffin fan on top of each unit exhausting air from the top of the units. They haven't crashed since.

A help chat with Linksys said they have not heard of any temperature problems. I'm still waiting to hear their solution. You might experiment with a bag of ice, though.


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