SMC wireless modem/router needs restarting ever hour or so

I have a wireless internet set up in my home . I Have just decided to extend the range by simply running a LAN cable from the existing wireless router to another floor and connecting another wireless modem/router to it. I have set up the new router to be within the existing network range

192.168.0.xx and use DHCP to serve the users.There are about 3 or 4 computers connecting.It all works for an hour or so and then the new router hangs. By hang, I mean the new router cannot be seen by the computers and it must be rebooted/restarted to work again. The router is a SMCWBR14T. I note that it is fairly hot but certainly not too hot to touch or hold comfortably. What could be causing this ?
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On Mon, 26 Mar 2007 07:52:42 +0700, "-keevill-" wrote in :

Wireless access point. Or wireless router configured as a wireless access point (see How To below). Not a wireless modem.

Bad idea. Have only one DHCP server, or make sure multiple servers have different ranges.


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John Navas

Wireless router configured as a wireless access point.

1 is set up to dole out IP addresses in the range and the other in the range

what are of the configuration should I be checking then? Could it not just be a faulty piece of equipment??

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