DSL works fine with 2Wire gateway but not SpeedStream 4100


I upgraded to DSL elite with SBC. When I was placing my order, I told the rep that I wanted the 2Wire gateway. Later I realized that I don't need another gateway since I already have a DLink router. So I called them back to request a DSL modem, they sent me SpeedStream 4100. While I was waiting for the SS4100 to arrive, I went ahead with the setup using 2Wire on the day they told me that my DSL has been upgraded.

2Wire works like a charm. But when I received the SS modem and plug it in, I can't even get the DSL green light. After a few painful technical support phone calls, I finally got a nice rep who actually understand what my problem is. He thinks that it might be faulty equipment. So, SBC sent me a replacement modem. Plug it in, still doesn't work.

The DSL light on the modem keeps blinking red... I tried to configure my username and password using the web interface (, it couldn't connect because there is no DSL signal. This is just a connection from the wall to the modem, then to computer. I haven't used the router yet. I didn't use the DSL line filter since the wall jack has two plug (voice and DSL). I believe a filter is not requred?

I just don't know what could be wrong. The same data line works on the

2Wire but not on the modem. Unless the modem has some pre-factory setting that need to be changed?

Please help!!!


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the only thing that immediately comes to mind is the fact that the 2wire will work on line 2 of a two line telephone jack, speedstream will only work on line one (inside pair)

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I had an experiance a while back with my Alcatel DSL modem. I changed the cord going from the modem to the wall plug and lost my dsl signal. Put the old cord back and all was well. I took a hard look at my new cord and found out it had two wires connected while the original had four wires. Off to the local hardware store and new white cord with four wires and all was well.

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