Which Voip company do you think is best?

Ive had sunrocket,vonage,and currently have optimum online. Sunrocket was a joke thank God they went bankrupt (not that i wish that on anyone) but you know what i mean they sucked! what do you guys think?

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I tried Packet8. I couldn't believe they pass that off as telephone service. It was at best very difficult to understand anyone, and most of the time completely inaudible. I too now have Optimum voice. It's clearly not as good as a pots line, but decent enough and cheap enough to deal with.

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I am trying out Vocalocity IP PBX - 39.00 a month unlimited. I got 2 lines and using Linksys SPA942 phones. I got this about 2 months ago pending moving my office back home. So far the connect quality has been good but the features I find lacking.

I also have a Vonage business line I have been testing. It has been ok also and probably a little move flexible since I can use standard phones.

For me I guess it is going to be a learning experience in that I have a PBX system at my office and even thought it is getting dated still has a lot of features.

The one thing I miss most with these 2 linksys phones is I do not know if my wife is on the phone since she has her office on the 2nd floor and my office is a basement office. With Vonage I can easily use a 2 line or a 4 line phone such as the Panasonic KX-TG2740 and have more features than what Vocalocity provides.

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Don Harvey

Does this have anything to do with wireless? Probably not, but it's an interesting question while I'm waiting for Windoze to convert FAT32 into NTFS.

I use Skype and GizmoProject. I don't care much about audio quality. I don't really want to talk to anyone on the phone. Email works much better. If I must, I don't want the call to take too long. Strange noises, distortion, garble, and such are actually desireable as they automatically limit the call duration.

Unfortunately, both Skype and GizmoProject have been fairly reliable and good quality, so I've been forced to pre-distort my voice and mangle the traffic quality. I allocate the absolute minimum bandwidth possible in my routers for these services using QoS. If that doesn't trash the audio, I sometimes decide that it's time to run a Windoze, Java, Mozilla, Linux, or whatever update. That usually generates enough network traffic to trash the audio. Whatever the method, my conversations tend to be short and specific, which is something that never happens on my cell phone or real POTS line. I've asked both Skype and GizmoProject for a feature request to intentionally add distortion, garble, and dropouts, but since they're in the business of selling minutes, such call limiting features are deemed undesireable.

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Jeff Liebermann

Jeff, you're wasting your time with Skype and GP, you need Packet 8. I promise you won't be disappointed

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I have had two phone lines with Vonage for almost 3 years now. There were some hiccups at the beginning, but once the hw was upgraded -I have never had a problem since.

Quality is great and I would not change.

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